Life in your home during a kitchen remodel can be a challenge. Learning to live without a kitchen isn’t easy, and remodeling creates disorder and dust in your home. With some preparation, however, you can reduce the limitations and disruptions caused by a kitchen remodel.

• Keep the right utensils and cookware handy
When packing away all your kitchen items to be stored until after the remodeling, set aside a few utensils and cookware items that you are going to need and store them in a plastic storage bin. Make sure they are compatible with the microwave, toaster oven, electric burner, etc. you are going to use during remodeling. In another bin keep other essentials like tin foil, plastic wrap, garbage bags and sandwich bags handy.

• Set up a temporary kitchen
Before the old appliances and cabinets are removed, find an area of your house such as the basement, dining room or even the garage where you can create a temporary kitchen. Use a folding table as the countertop where you can place a toaster oven, coffee maker, crock-pot, microwave or even an electric single burner. This way you’ll have some limited kitchen functionality.

• Create storage for construction materials
Clear out an area in your home or garage where the cabinetry pieces, construction materials and tools can be stored during the remodeling process. This will also help to keep the rest of your home in order while the remodeling is taking place.

• Clear out the work area
Remove artwork, plants and furniture that is close to the work area to another room of your home to prevent unintended damage and make it easier for the remodeling crew to do their work.

• Control dust
You can minimize the inevitable dust from a remodel by closing the vents and sealing off the doorways to the area that is being remodeled. Clean or change your HVAC filter often.